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Welcome to the ScalaLife Competence Center!


The ScalaLife project presents the cross-disciplinary Competence Centre, a "one-stop-shop" for users and developers of Life Science software .

Starting with three representative pilot applications (GROMACS, DALTON and DISCRETE) the Competence Center provides information and expert support with

  • Gaining access to major European hardware resources
  • Running Life Science software efficiently on HPC systems, and
  • Code analysis and performance profiling of other Life Sciences packages

The software packages supported by the Competence Center welcome new addition and we invite you to check out how the ScalaLife Competence Center can support your initiatives!


If you like what we are doing - join us and become a member of the Competence Center!


ScalaLife is collaborating with many other European and international initiatives:



Stay in touch with the ScalaLife Competence Center - join our mailinglist.

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