Scalable Software Services for Life Science
MareNostrum is a PowerPC 970MP supercomputer with BladeCenter architecture and a Myrinet interconnection. Its 10.240 CPUs have 95 Teraflops of calculation capacity.
Lindgren is a Cray XE6 system based on 36,384 AMD Opteron "Magny-Cours" CPUs and Cray Gemini interconnect technology. It has a theoretical peak performance of 305 TeraFlops.
SAL is a SGI ICE 8200 system with 640 cores of 2.53GHz Xeon/Nehalem and Dual QDR Infiniband connection.
HLRB II is based on the SGI's Altix 4700 platformi and is optimized for high application performance and high memory bandwidth. Its peak performance is 62 TFlop/s.

Hardware Resources

The ScalaLife partner supercomputing centers provide a wide range of architectures for High-Performance Computing. They include the typical clusters of multi-core nodes, large shared-memory systems and hybrid systems with special accelerators.

You can find information about gaining access to the hardware resources here.


System Architecture Cores Memory
LRZ - Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (Germany)
SuperMUC Intel Sandy Bridge EP 147,456 288 TB
SuperMIG Intel Westmere-EX 8,200 52 TB
SGI UV Intel Westmere-EX (2.4 GHz) 2,080 8 TB
CoolMUC AMD Opteron 2,800 5.6 TB
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Lindgren Cray XE6 36,384 47.4 TB (32GB per node)
Povel 180 nodes with 4 Six-Core AMD Opteron 8425HE CPUs 4,320 5.76 TB
Zorn 4 Intel Xeon E5620 (Nehalem/Westmere) - 3 with Tesla C2050 (Fermi) and 1 with 4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX580   48GB
OSC - Oxford Supercomputing Centre (United Kingdom)
Arcus Dell Intel (2.2GHz Xeon SandyBridge) 1344 84 x 16 core X 64GB per node
Sal SGI Altix 8200 ICE cluster, quad core Intel Xeon Nehalem 640 80 x 24GB per node
Skynet quad core Intel Xeon Harpertown, nVidia GPUs 64 8 x 8 GB per node
Caribou SGI UV100, Intel Xeon E7-8837 64 1TB shared memory
BSC - Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain)
MareNostrum Power PC 970MP 10240


minoTauro hybrid architecture with 12 JS22 blades with Power6 processors and 72 QS22 blades with PowerXCell processors 5544 3TB
bscsmp SGI Altix 128 2.5TB
tamariu Intel Xeon 24 48GB