Scalable Software Services for Life Science

Expert and Community Support

The Competence Center provides wide range of expert support options to users of our applications, to developers of other Life Science software and to resource providers such as HPC centers. The center works directly with the main developers of the supported applications and computer science experts. Support options include:

Users of the supported applications:

  • Guidance for efficient usage on HPC resource
  • Benchmarking of user test cases for e.g. use in time-allocation proposals.
  • Efficient setup of simulated models
  • Issues with program execution
  • Analysis of raw data

Developers of Life Science software:

Resource providers (e.g. HPC centers):

  • Support with proper installation and setup of the supported applications
  • Representative benchmarking results on their platforms.
  • Second-line support to the users of those centers






Don't hesitate, please write us!
If you are not sure about the right place, use the "General Discussions" forum!


Competence Center forums

General Discussions

Other support channels

GROMACS Users Mailing List / Forums

All questions about using GROMACS except programming.

GROMACS Developers Mailing List / Forums

Discussion forum on development of GROMACS and related software


Discussions regarding using GROMACS on GRID resources.

DALTON Users Mailing List

All questions about DALTON usage

ERGO Support

Use the "ScalaLife General Discussions" or send mail to info(at)

MUSIC Support

Use the "ScalaLife General Discussions" or visit

XMIPP Support

Use the "ScalaLife General Discussions" or send mail to or use the users mailing list Bugs can be submitted at