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2013-09-30: ScalaLife Newsletter #6

In this newsletter we present an overview of the achievements of the ScalaLife project and we look at its two main results: boosting the performance and scalability of Life Science codes, and helping the community of users and developers to take full advantage of the new application capabilities. While the project has finished in August, its main legacy is the ScalaLife Competence Center, which will continue to provide support to the communities in the future.

2013-04-29: ScalaLife Newsletter #5

In the fifth newsletter edition, we update you on the ScalaLife developments and activities during the last half year.  We report on a few important past events, in particular the ScalaLife Sustainability workshop.  We also give a short overview of the new ScalaLife Validation Suite, highlighting the improvements in the applications supported by the project.


2012-09-10: ScalaLife Newsletter #4 (.pdf):

In this forth ScalaLife newsletter edition we update you on the most recent ScalaLife software releases, report on successful ScalaLife events held over the past six months and welcome you to the ScalaLife – CECAM workshop. ScalaLife also engaged in to increase its impact within the computational life science communities.


2012-02-16: ScalaLife Newsletter #3 (.pdf):

In this third ScalaLife newsletter edition we introduce you to ScalaLife one year progress and success stories with our alpha-users.  We welcome you to the ScalaLife – CECAM workshop and announce other upcoming events and training. ScalaLife collaborations have been intensified with several more EU projects during the last half year and new communities have been integrated into the Competence Center.


2011-08-01: ScalaLife Newsletter #2 (.pdf):

In this second ScalaLife newsletter edition we proudly announce our collaborations with two new communities: INCF and HealthGrid and we present the results of the first ScalaLife survey conducted with life science software users.  The newsletter also provides an insight into the overall progress of the project and highlights other of its new achievements. At the end of the newsletter as always we list the upcoming events and training.


2011-02-01: ScalaLife Newsletter #1 (.pdf):

This first edition of the ScalaLife newsletter gives a short introduction to the ScalaLife EU FP7 project. It highlights the activities that took place during the first 6 months of the project as well as upcoming events.

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