Scalable Software Services for Life Science


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An article about Scalalife in Primeur Weekly magazin:

ScalaLife has been acknowledged in a guest feature in InsideHPC:

MAPPER Summer School on Distributed Multiscale Computing

Scientists and engineers are commonly faced with the challenge of
modeling multiscale systems which cross scientific disciplines and where
several processes acting at different scales coexist and interact. Such
multidisciplinary multiscale models require large scale or even extreme
scale computing capabilities. The objective of the MAPPER Summer School
on Distributed Multiscale Computing is to educate researchers from
various application areas about specific competences on multiscale
modeling and distributed multiscale computing. The school is thus a

Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Grid and HPC systems, EGI CF, Manchester, 12 April

The training event is organized during the EGI Community Forum in Manchester, 8-12 April. It includes tutorials on basic and advanced usage of two major packages for Molecular Dynamics simulations, GROMACS and AMBER, with focus on their application to modeling of biomolecular systems.

On May 13-15, 2013 the workshop "Electrostatics methods in Molecular Simulation" will take place on Långholmen at Stockholm, Sweden. This workshop is about the use of different methods for calculating long-range electrostatic forces in moleular simulations. Electrostatic interactions form a critical part of the interaction potential for molecular simulations of both biological and many industrial ssystems.

ScalaLife is organising the CECAM workshop "High Performance Computing in Computational Chemistry and Molecular Biology: Challenges and Solutions provided by ScalaLife project", between October 3 and 5, in CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

ScalaLife has invited renowned life scientists from Europe and USA to discuss recent advances in large scale simulations and showcase their latest results.

ScalaLife has been featured in the "International Science Grid This Week":

Our project was been also presented in two blogposts following the EGI Community Forum:

ScalaLife experts are ready to assist you to prepare your PRACE application for the 5th call

The experts at ScalaLife Competence Center are happy to assist researchers from Life Science communities to prepare their applications for the PRACE Call for proposals for 5th project Access and Multi-year Access (Tier-0) and synchronized Call for DECI-9 (Tier-1). If you need an assistance do not hesitate to contact us by sending email to scalalife (at)



Introduction to High-Performance Computing
PDC Summer School
KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
August 20-31, 2012

You are invited to register for the summer school "Introduction to
High-Performance Computing" being held at PDC on the KTH main campus.
To register, and find out more about the school, visit the school Web